Sadhana G

Name : Sadhana
Birth place - Solan, India

First yoga class - Chandigarh, India

Favourite yoga principle- sthira sukham asanam

What has yoga taught you- yoga introduced me to my true self, that which is not mind, intellect, memory, emotions, body or thought

Favourite yoga book - Patanjali yoga sutra, Bagavat geeta

Biggest challenge on the mat- head stand!

Biggest challenge off the mat- yoga practice made me connect to my true self, my social life came to a halt and I stopped going on shopping sprees . These were all positive changes but family and friends saw it in a different way. It was hard convincing everyone that I am actually happy and at peace.


Christina Ahamnos

Christina is a student, practitioner and teacher of yoga. Christina’s first introduction to yoga came in 2011 when she was playing competitive water polo. Part of her training involved heavy weight lifting and she found herself suffering crippling back and neck pain.

After working through her injuries and eventually ridding herself of them virtually entirely with regular and dedicated practice, Christina’s attention was quickly drawn from the physical side of yoga to the spiritual and she developed a deep love and respect for the boundless gifts it offers those who are willing to explore it with an open heart.

Living in London for 4 years, Christina was fortunate to be a karma yogi at TriYoga - one of the largest studios in the world. Here, she was able to immerse herself in a variety of different styles and to learn under the care of incredible teachers. Returning briefly to Sydney to complete her 200HR YTT, Christina then set off for Los Angeles where she took yoga classes at every studio she came by and attended workshops on crystal vibrational meditation, Kirtan and Tantra. From LA she travelled to the source, India to complete her 500HR YTT in Vinyasa flow in Agonda Beach, Goa.

Christina’s classes are a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and guided meditation. She likes to weave some of the spiritual, subtle and philosophical elements of yoga into her classes and music is an integral part. Simple, intelligent sequencing makes Christina’s classes available to all levels.



Trained in classical Hatha Yoga style at the foothills of Himalaya , Nepal, enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long term mindfulness and healthly wellbeing. Weaving together Hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, Astanga principles and Pranayama, I am passionate about spreading my love for yoga and helping others in their journey by sharing my own.

Flora C

Yoga Bio – Flora Cauchi

 200h YTT (focus on Vinyasa Yoga, taught by Level 3 Sr yoga teacher Anneriek Favelle)
 40h Yin Yoga training (Anneriek Favelle)
 35h Prana Vinyasa (with Shiva Rea: international teacher and founder of Prana Vinyasa)

Flora’s mission is to be a facilitator for all her students to reap the physical and mental
benefits that come from synchronizing body movements with breathwork.
In 2013 she fell in love with how much self-discovery practicing yoga brings through
mindfulness, relaxation, flexibility and strength training. Yoga has changed her life and her
body in a way she could never have imagined. It has made her stronger, more flexible and
centred and an overall calmer person. Now she wants to share that passion for yoga with
those around her.
Flora’s additional specialization in Yin Yoga and Prana Vinyasa allows her to guide the
students through a path of self-discovery of their bodies and their minds through their yoga
practice. She does that by teaching that turning their focus inward can instil a great sense of
respect for both body and mind. Furthermore, Flora creates an environment in which her
students can practice at their own pace and challenge themselves as they wish.