Vedic Meditation Classes Sydney CBD


Do you want to reduce stress and attain inner peace? Have you heard of Vedic Meditation? This meditation technique has its root in the Vedas, the ancient body of knowledge from India. The benefits of Vedic Meditation have been acknowledged by Western science. This is an effortless, easy, simple and highly effective meditation technique that helps to calm the mind, elevate consciousness, reduce stress and boost creativity. Based in Seven Hills, Sydney, Kriya Yoga Studio specializes in Vedic Meditation. So, if you are looking to join Vedic Meditation classes in Sydney CBD, look no further than our team of highly experienced and accredited meditators and yoga instructors.  

Vedic Meditation Classes in Sydney CBD to Reduce Stress and Help You Attain Inner Peace

Vedic Meditation can cure depression and anxiety disorders, which are patterns in our mind that occur due to chronic stress, which gets accumulated in the nervous system. With decades of experience in practicing different forms of meditation and yoga, our instructors will help you master the techniques of Vedic Meditation. Do you think meditation is challenging and difficult? Are you looking for a simple technique to fit into your busy day-to-day schedule? If yes, then Vedic Meditation is for you. This is an effortless and simple technique that releases fatigue, tension, stress and is very easy to learn. Unlike other meditation methods, this is an effortless technique. This is something very organic, automatic, simple and allows us to access our full physical and mental potential. So, have you now made up your mind on joining Vedic Meditation classes in Sydney CBD? Don’t look beyond Kriya Yoga Studio.

How does the Technique work?

Vedic Meditation is in many ways different from several other contemplative and concentrative meditation methods. Our instructors will use a sound or ‘mantra’ that you need to keep on repeating in the mind. Here, the sound is used as a tool to transport your mind form a busy and active state to the quiet, tranquil and inner calm within and finally to a state of complete rest.

After attaining the complete restful state, the nervous system will clear blocks and stressors from the body so that you can be unified with your inner consciousness. After you master the entire technique, our instructors will give you a specific mantra and teach you the techniques to achieve positive and faster results.

The Benefits of Our Vedic Meditation Classes in Sydney CBD

To learn the methods and techniques of Vedic Meditation, you don’t need to have any prior religious or spiritual beliefs. This simple and effortless style of meditation is neither mystical, religious or spiritual. The main focus in Vedic Meditation is to allow the mind to organically attain a state of stillness and inner calm. If you need to put in any amount of effort during meditation, you are actually losing the ability to rest. This is where Vedic Meditation is different from the other methods. Our Vedic Meditation classes will teach you how to allow the mind to reach a completely restful state by its natural tendency.

Some of the benefits of this method include:

  • Helps the body reach a state of revival and rest.

  • Develops adaptation energy to help the mind and body deal with stressors more easily.

  • Releases and removes deeply rooted stressors from the nervous system and makes us more resistant to new stressors.

So, have you now made up your mind on joining Vedic Meditation classes in Sydney CBD? Don’t look beyond Kriya Yoga Studio. Want to find out more about our meditation and yoga classes? Contact our team today.