Hatha Yoga Classes in Sydney


Do you want to enrich your life experience and make it more enjoyable? Are you suffering from the limitations or inadequacies of life? Is Yoga effective enough to express our distinctiveness? Resort to yoga practice to eliminate all these restrictions! Make your life better and more fulfilling with our Hatha yoga classes in Sydney.

Transform yourself positively through our Hatha Yoga classes

Hatha Yoga is beneficial for everyone as it uses positive energy to control body and mind that is responsible for the quality of the reality you are living in. Within a few classes, you will start noticing the healing effects in your mind and body. Hatha Yoga’s benefits go beyond this, as it can be used to improve certain conditions such as backaches, headaches, irritability, and insomnia.  

Hatha Yoga is gentle yet challenging

Hatha Yoga is known for its gentle appeal and can be considered a great introduction to yoga. However, it should not be considered as easy yoga exercises and can be quite challenging mentally and physically. Our Hatha Yoga classes focus more on the classical approach to the practice of “asanas” (physical posture) and “pranayama” (Deep breathing). Our qualified and experienced instructors take extra care in guiding the students to adopt the pose to you and your body in a comfortable way.

Hatha Yoga improves your flexibility lifestyle

Hatha yoga offers you the opportunity to increase your flexibility to effective stretching, unwinding and tension releasing techniques offering a suitable remedy to your busy and lifestyle and cardio workout needs. At the initial stage, you might feel the classes to be too slow or not active enough, do not be discouraged. With time, you will notice the difference. Otherwise, you could opt for “Vinyasa” or power “Yogas” to see if that meets your swiftness.

Our Hatha Yoga follows a more traditional approach and is indispensable to a general level class that is open to all levels. Our classes begin gradually opening and loosening the body, followed by sun salutes and postures for a long period of time.

We also combine forward and backward bends, twists, overturns and expansions through breathing and meditation. Our Hatha classes are suitable for all age groups of people including adults over 50 or 60 years old, pregnant mothers, people recovering from traumas or injuries or anyone who wants to get involved in an easy to learn and implement yoga classes.

So, if you are looking for Hatha Yoga classes in Sydney, Kriya Yoga Studio is the finest you can get! Call us as soon as you can for booking, we only have a very few sites remaining!