4 pm to 8 pm  Sat 30th March, 2019  

Kriya Yoga Studio - suite 3, 71 Boomerang place, Seven Hills    

Venue Fee $5, Workshop by donation, conducted by Lee Ringma

Homa Therapy Association of Australia

Contact Sadhana – 0422392937

Agnihotra kits and healing tools available on the night.

Please bring vegetarian plate to share

A simple universal practice available to all brings relief to the body and mind healing to the environment creates a biosphere of protection

Ancient Wisdom from Ayurveda to heal modern problems

The peace, the relief, the depth of inner connection is instant

Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from ancient wisdom to deal with the toxicity and stress of modern times. It is a simple 10 minute procedure involving fire in a small copper inverted pyramid, performed at sunrise and sunset. These 2 special times in our day, according to Vedic science, are moments when the atmosphere is flooded with life force (Prana) and nature receives purification and renewal. Pollution is blocking this, however when Agnihotra is performed it facilitates this flood of Prana, bringing healing to one's environment and to the person. In this vitalized atmosphere stress, energetic distortions, EMF, even radioactivity are neutralized. Much of the above is being validated by science now.                                                                             

The volume of experiential evidence is enormous; where Agnihotra is performed regularly, people all over the world are reporting healing of chronic conditions, addictions, even so called incurable diseases. Sitting in front of this healing Fire, stress dissolves, the mind is automatically uplifted, meditation simply happens. In the purified atmosphere homes become more loving and peaceful. While Nature responds to the increased vitality and fragrant, nutritionalised atmosphere by producing high quality organic produce. After Agnihotra Fire there remains Agnihotra ash. This is powerful medicine due to high Pranic content. It can be taken internally, mixed with ghee as an ointment, spread in the garden to enhance growth. A pinch in water immediately alkalizes and vitalizes the water. It has been our main medicine bringing up a family with miraculous results. While herbs and vegetables grown with Agnihotra are high in nutritional content and taste supreme.        

Agnihotra, the pivotal practice of Homa Therapy, is a non-religious, simple practice, available to all, to protect us, detoxify us and uplift us and our environments. Workshops are both informative and practical enabling you to take Agnihotra into your lives if you wish.