Pranayama yoga Sydney


Today’s generation has earned huge accolades for their achievements in the fields of technology, education, business management processes and more. However, due to constant competition in every aspect of life, they are constantly bombarded with stress, which has a taken a toll on their health and lifestyle. Constant stress and lack of adequate physical activities due to work pressure, and household responsibilities have led to shallow breathing and an unhealthy lifestyle. Pranayama Yoga can help you attain inner peace, optimal health and physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Why We Do It?

Pranayama Yoga focuses on breath control and proper breathing techniques to clear any emotional and physical obstacles or blocks in your body. The word ‘Pranayama’ has been derived from two words – ‘Prana’ means life force, energy or vitality and ‘Yama’ means discipline or control. Performing Pranayama Yoga is the practice of controlling the breath. Thus, it is all about controlling the life force that is present within every breath. By practicing this type of yoga on a regular basis, you can delve into a state of meditative consciousness and attain inner peace.

How Is It Done?

Pranayama Yoga or the breath control practice begins with deep inhalation from the lower stomach area. Moving ahead, the inhalation process reaches the lower chest regions and then to the lower portions of the rib cage. You need to keep in mind that the inhaled air should stop by the throat just below the sternum region. In order to reap all the benefits of Pranayama Yoga Sydney, you have to perform slow undisturbed breathing. And during exhalation, the air needs to pass through the exact same route – through the lower throat, down to the chest and finally to the lower stomach.

Benefits of Pranayama Yoga

Over the years, there has been an exponential growth in the popularity of Pranayama Yoga Sydney. Nowadays, in every type of yoga, a special session is dedicated to the learning of proper breathing and breath control. Mastering the techniques of breath control and proper breathing can play a pivotal role in improving one’s health holistically.

Long and deep breathing, when practiced to extended time frames, helps the parasympathetic nervous functions. Making breathwork exercises a mandatory aspect of your daily routine can lower your blood pressure and improve and develop bodily functions. According to several research studies, Pranayama also works wonders in repairing serious damages in bodily systems including the immune, digestive and reproductive systems. Practicing Pranayama Yoga on a regular basis will also boost creativity, reduce stress and elevate consciousness.

Why Do You Need to Learn Pranayama from a Professional Yoga Instructor?

Are you a beginner? Have you made up your mind on performing pranayama or any other type of yoga? It is wise to begin your journey under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor. Beginners should be guided by expert instructors to ensure the breathing exercises are being performed correctly. Pranayama Yoga offers a range of benefits but doing it incorrectly may lead to serious injuries. So, if you want to learn Pranayama Yoga in Sydney, look no further than Kriya Yoga Studio. Our highly professional instructors will help you master the breathwork techniques that will reduce stress, boost creativity, calm the mind and elevate consciousness.