Yin Yoga Classes Sydney


Are you looking to attain optimal health and fitness through Yin Yoga? Don’t look further than Kriya Yoga Studio. We offer highly effective Yin Yoga classes in Sydney for your physical, emotional and mental well being.

Our Yin Yoga classes are based on traditional Chinese medicine and eastern philosophy framework. At Kriya Yoga Studio, our meditative and restorative Yin Yoga classes for all age groups focus on increasing the circulation in the joints and improving flexibility through a series of slow and deep stretches.

Yin Yoga Classes for Your Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-being

Our highly experienced trainers are fully committed to helping you understand and master the various poses and techniques of Yin Yoga. Our highly effective Yin Yoga classes include poses that target the connective tissues of the pelvis, thighs, lower spine and the hips. In a bid to allow your muscles to open and lengthen, the several seated and supine poses are held for long periods. We combine a series of supine and seated poses that target the ligaments, fascia and the tendons for improving your flexibility and increasing circulation in your joints. Our Yin Yoga classes in Sydney is best suited for people looking to increase their flexibility and for those looking to add a meditative and introspective element to their daily yoga routines.  

Amazing Benefits of Our Yin Yoga Classes

At Kriya Yoga Studio, our Yin Yoga routines include a series of supine and seated poses with the support of props such as pillows, blocks, and bolsters. One single Yin Yoga session will have a series of these poses held for five to eight minutes, targeting the deeper layers of fascia. We make sure that each class is different so that you don’t have to repeat the same old poses every time. Suitable for men and women of all ages, our Yin Yoga routines perfectly complement the dynamic style of Yang Yoga that focuses on contracting and lengthening the muscles.

Some of the compelling benefits of our Yin Yoga classes include:

  • Lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and improves circulation.

  • Improves flexibility.

  • Greater joint mobility.

  • Calms and balances the mind and body.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety through mindfulness.

Yin Yoga Classes for All Age Groups

At Kriya Yoga Studio, we offer an in-depth and well-rounded learning experience in our well-furnished studios and at your convenient hours. We are committed to helping men and women of all ages to master the art of Yin Yoga. Our highly experienced trainers leave no stone unturned to help our students attain a healthy body and mind through the power of Yin Yoga. We keep on introducing new techniques and highly effective routines to help our students attain optimal health and fitness.

What are you waiting for? To join our Yin Yoga classes in Sydney, contact our team today.