yoga classes for beginners and kids Sydney


Yoga has been incorporated into the modern day lives in such a way that it has become an essential part of our lives. Yoga is no longer a part of the ancient tantric arts for meditation. No longer do we have to dig up information on its benefits and be enthused to look out for a “Sanyasi” or travel to the East to learn the techniques behind its transcendental benefits. At Kriya Yoga Studio, we bring the magical benefits of yoga and meditation at your door steps. If you are looking for specialist yoga classes for beginners or kids Sydney, look no further than us!

Creative yoga classes for beginners and kids

We are a reputable yoga trainer fully dedicated to help children and adults who are completely new to yoga understand and master the process for better health and mind. We are constantly evolving our techniques to deliver effective results for our clients. We want kids and adults to have fully enjoyed, engage and indulge in creative yoga classes and develop themselves holistically for the best. We understand the stress and trauma that you go through and in order to cope with such issues you join our classes to make the best use of the time that you hardly get. So, we intend to make the best use of your time and deliver results to help you and your children evolve into a better version of yourself.   

Our yoga classes for beginners and kids offer a well-rounded, in depth learning experience delivered at our own studio at your convenient hours. At the end of our classes, you will be left with a smile, vast knowledge and a boosted spirit to spread the love and joy of yoga.

Yoga classes for all age groups

Our yoga classes are modified to suit all ages and stages of life. When taught to your children by an experienced and expert yoga instructor, it can provide a high energy play-based restorative experience.

Based on your needs and age group, you can more or less expect a session that includes:

  • Discussion about your well-being and a brief explanation about a practice theme

  • Our Yoga classes for beginners and kids offers mindfulness techniques to improve the awareness level of your body, mind and breath

  • Physical postures that can improve your strength and durability, flexibility, balance and coordination

  • Asanas” that helps you engage in imagination and provides context and meaning to the practice

  • Effective breathing techniques to improve your lung capacity and calm your body and mind

Experience positive learning environment through our yoga classes

Our yoga classes offer a positive learning environment to you and your children for embracing difference and a wonderful experience and opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

So, if you are looking for effective yoga classes for beginners and kids across Sydney, looking no further than Kriya Yoga School.