Yoga Residency Programmes


Are you coping through an injury or a health condition? Want to take your yoga practice to the next level but not sure about joining a group class? If so, you have come to the right place. With Kriya Yoga Studio, your yoga practice can be done in the comfort of your home. We not only offer highly effective yoga and meditation classes in our well-furnished studios but also offer yoga residency programmes in Seven Hills, Kings Langley, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown and several other regions of Sydney.

Yoga Residency Programmes to Help You Achieve Optimal Health and Fitness

Do you want to incorporate yoga into your life for steady personal growth and development? Are you coming through a serious injury or fighting anxiety, depression, and other stress-related health concerns? No matter what the reason is; you can book our yoga residency programmes with the intention of doing just one class or you can schedule them with the prospect of a long-term commitment. When looking to book yoga residency programmes in Seven Hills, Kings Langley, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown and several other regions of Sydney, don’t look beyond Kriya Yoga Studio. We offer private yoga classes in the comfort of your home. ‘One to One’ or a private yoga class is the ultimate way of practicing yoga as the focus of the instructor is only on you. At Kriya Yoga Studio, we offer yoga residency programmes to help both advanced practitioners and beginners to deepen and expand their practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

Our private yoga classes consist of a series of yoga styles and postures, meditation and pranayama. We will provide you with a highly experienced instructor, who will analyze your goals and priorities before developing an individual and diverse yoga program for your mental and physical wellbeing. All the sequences are tailored to match your individual needs and preferences. Our private yoga classes will not only help you to refine your skills but also address specific areas of concerns.  

Our yoga residency programmes include and are not limited to:

  • Assessment of goals and needs

  • Yoga Asana (Yoga postures)

  • Yoga Nidra (deep conscious yogic sleep)

  • Lifestyle assessment and recommendations

  • Pranayama (Controlling life force through breath practices)

  • Meditation

Therapeutic Yoga Combined with Mindfulness and Relaxing Meditation 

We offer yoga residency programmes for men and women of all age groups. Our private yoga classes are a combination of therapeutic yoga, relaxing meditation and mindfulness. The pace is intentionally kept slow with special emphasis on breathing and awareness. The yoga and meditation sequences are tailored to release tension from your mind and body whilst helping you to improve your strength and flexibility.

We provide highly experienced private yoga instructors, who combine meditation and pranayama with a variety of yoga styles, including Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Slow Flow. Our yoga residency programmes are designed to address a wide range of conditions – from emotional effects of cancer and cancer treatments, aches and pains, asthma and anxiety to losing weight and life transitions such as relocations and relationship changes.

Want to know more about our yoga residency programmes in Seven Hills, Kings Langley, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown and several other regions of Sydney? Contact our team today and we will answer any of your questions.