Philosophy of becoming a yoga teacher

Yoga is best learned one-on-one, and that is the way it was intended to be passed on from teacher to student in the ancient times.  Yoga is not a performance art, it is a practice that changes every day because we change all the time.  There is a sense of flow and continuity, as well as tuning in. to be a yoga teacher, do it in a way that students can digest, provide a practical application for the material, break down Sanskrit words, help students integrate yogic principles into their lives, remind students that yoga is more than just asana, start slowly, choose something that speaks to you and create a theme for your asana.


Why choose Kriya Yoga Studio

We simply provide a focused learning environment, appropriate mentoring and close attention is provided for individuals as we do small and committed group classes with a fresh mind, focus, and ease in letting go your stress. Also our teachers are well qualified, certified and experienced to cater your needs to enhance your yoga practices and learning. We use step by step, systematic, detailed and clear teaching methodology, emphasis on precise adjustment, alignment & proper engagement of muscles in asana or yoga poses. Which will enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of self-realisation and self-actualisation along with inner peace.


Where it could lead?

We enhance the knowledge and skills of the yoga teachers and students to live their life happily and worthy. Also in future, we plan to organise advanced varying branches of yoga classes and modules along with appropriate yoga retreat programs. The ultimate goal of yoga is, however, to help the individual to transcend the self and understand the life. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, “A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Self, when the perfectly disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and becomes absorbed in the Self alone.”